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The Paine 15′

February 27th, 2017

The PAINE 15 is our vision of the future of leisure time under sail. We chose designer Chuck Paine to combine the legendary aesthetics of Nathaniel Herreshoff’s universally admired Herreshoff 12 ½ with an underbody and sailplan that use the very latest in materials and foil technology. The yacht is perfect for mature sailors who no longer retain their youthful athleticism- she is very stable and requires no hiking. As Nat Herreshoff would surely have done today, she has a completely seamless, leakproof and unsinkable hull built of lightweight but super strong epoxy cold-molded construction. Construction has begun on the first yacht and you are encouraged to come to the shop and watch her take shape.

The PAINE 15 is a floating work of art, hand built by hard-to-find American craftspeople who value the quality of your new yacht above all else. We see her as the replacement for a family’s beloved but impossible to maintain original Herreshoff 12 ½, and we also envision that yacht clubs will choose to establish fleets so the yachts can be raced and sailed in company.

The PAINE 15 is most of all a yacht you will once again actually use. It is small enough to require very little maintenance, but is seaworthy beyond her length thanks to her heavy lead ballast, and can be gotten going in a matter of minutes whether or not one has access to a crew. Larger yachts require more than a few hours to make use of, rapidly inflating yearly expense for marina slips, insurance, maintenance and worst of all, because virtually nobody wants them anymore, depreciation.

The PAINE 15 is in every possible way optimized for trailering behind a standard-sized automobile. Her carbon fiber mast requires no stays and weighs with its halyards a mere 22 pounds, so it is as easy to deploy as that on a Laser dinghy. Easier, actually, as the sail need not be attached before stepping the mast, and is simply swung up into its Herreshoff-type gated mast ring, Iwo-Jima style. We have invented a nifty way using Velcro straps to attach the mainsail to the mast very quickly… no tedious fitting of little slides to little tracks, so the boat can be launched and gotten going in a matter of minutes.

It is very stable thanks to its lead keel, which accounts for 50% of its weight! You get your choice of trim- entirely Awlgripped with absolutely no varnished wood if you are concerned about maintenance in the tropics. Or with your choice of teak or mahogany trim, beautifully varnished, if this is your preference. Once it is yours, the yearly costs of ownership are minimal, as the maintenance for the “Florida” version consists simply of a coat of fresh bottom paint every year, which you could if you wished apply yourself in an hour. You don’t need a mooring or a marina slip with this one, just a garage, boat deck, or boat lift. Nor are you limited to one area for your sailing, because she is so easily trailered, launched and hauled.

Simply stated, the PAINE 15 is “A TRAILERABLE MINI-YACHT.”  At 1000 pounds, the yacht is light enough to be trailed behind the moderate sized automobile that you already own—no truck or SUV nor surge brakes are required. Or of course it can live on your mooring or boat hoist, or in a marina slip. A custom-fitted highest quality galvanized trailer with integral tongue-extender that has been designed and made available makes launching and retrieving a snap. The carbon fiber mast requires no stays and is simply swung up into place just as is done on the original Herreshoff 12 ½, excepting that the rigging-less carbon fiber mast weighs one third as much! She is impossible to capsize, and very difficult to swamp but unsinkable if you do, and easy to sail mile after mile without athletic ability. You sit “in” her, not “on” her, and there is no need for “hiking out”—you sit on bench seats with properly angled seatbacks (coamings) at just the right height. And in the off-season she fits right into your garage where you can perform the yearly maintenance yourself at near negligible expense.

The rare yachtsman who desires a daysailor of investment quality is finally blessed with a number of clear choices, all with splendid fit and finish. The available fleet until the introduction of the Paine 15 consisted of the Paine 14, Herreshoff and Doughdish 12 1/2, York 18 and Pisces 21. The Paine 15 fills the obvious gap between the Paine 14 and the H12/Doughdish. Given her modern underbody, although she falls halfway between the Paine 14 and Herreshoff 12 ½ in size, she will be the equal and more of the H12 in performance.

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