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2014-2016 New York 40 “Marilee”

May 5th, 2015

Marilee1Built in 1926 as one of the famous Herreshoff New York Yacht Club 40s, this 59′ sloop came to French & Webb for a two-year extensive refit in the fall of 2014.  She is one of only four remaining examples of her class, which has been described as having “that Herreshoff characteristic of passing unperturbed through agitated waters.”  So far her first year here at French & Webb has included removing her entire interior as well as removing, rebuilding and re-fastening her broad boards, making and inserting new bronze butt blocks, a new horn timber and floor timbers, a new mast step and stern post, and removing a skylight. Next year’s restoration will focus on her new cabin and putting in a teak deck in lieu of the old pine decking.

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2011 Wm Fife III 8m “Quest”

November 16th, 2011

Built in 1930 by Fairlie in Oakville, Canada, this Fife 8m came to French & Webb for a major structural rebuild. Her ballast was removed and restored by Mars Metals. The plank keel, floor timbers, and frame ends were all replaced here at F&W.

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2008 3 47′ Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 30 Class Sloops Totally Restored and Relaunched.

December 1st, 2009

Buzzards Bay 30s were originally built in 1902 by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. of Bristol, R.I.  The 47-foot yachts were ordered by the Beverly, Mass., Yacht Club and were raced as a class. French & Webb was selected to restore three of these 30-foot class sloops. These yachts, in varying stages of disrepair, were restored to their original condition using materials, hardware & details specified in their Herreshoff plans. Where possible, the same species of woods as on the original boats were used, including double planking of cypress and fir with a bedding of thickened shellac between them. The new BB 30s are living testament to last century’s golden age of yachting.

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